The Sound of the Baskervilles Welcomes You to Join Us

While a literary organization drawing members from all walks of life, every age group, every strata of society, and with varied interests, we are a slightly irreverent group. Not all are scholars of Sherlock Holmes, but all are Holmes and Watson fans.

It is simple to join: Complete an application (name, address, phone #, email address) and pay the dues. There are no admittance requirements, no test of one’s knowledge, no limit on members, no other restrictions. Currently, with 104 individual memberships plus 19 family memberships, our membership totals 123 households and nearly 130 people. 

Above all, The Sound of the Baskervilles is an inclusive group highly invested in the well-being and safety of all Sherlockians.

$25 each year for an individual, or $35 each year for family membership (2 or more per household) brings our members a copy of our monthly newsletter Ineffable Twaddle either by email or post, a bound copy of Beaten’s Christmas Annual (our magazine-style publication for the members by the members), and invitation to all monthly meetings and special events.

Club membership is renewed during March of each year for our April 1 to March 31 fiscal year. New members who join mid-year (defined as during October 1 to March 31) may pay reduced dues—as shown below—for the time remaining in the fiscal year.

Dues Schedule

Individual Family
Full year
April 1 – March 31
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Mid year
October 1 – March 31
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Your membership may be paid online through PayPal, above, or by check mailed to our Treasurer. In either case, please complete the Membership Form available here.