The Sound of the Baskervilles is a literary organization founded to discuss the original Sherlock Holmes stories written by Arthur Conan Doyle.  Through monthly meetings, our newsletter Ineffable Twaddle, special events and activities, we analyze and celebrate Sherlockiana in all forms, including canon, pastiche, film, radio and television adaptations, and fandom.  We are an irreverent group of mystery solvers, collectors, Anglophiles, and fans of Victoriana, fondly referred to as the SOBs.

Members at the 2016 Annual Reichenbach Remembered Wreath Toss

Founded as a scion society of The Baker Street Irregulars to serve the greater Puget Sound region of Western Washington, The Sound of the Baskervilles was christened on March 31, 1980. The first meeting was held on the Seattle to Bainbridge Island ferry. The name derives from a merging of HOUND and Puget Sound, the body of water along which the major cities of our region lie.

Members receive the monthly newsletter via email monthly, or by post if preferred. Click here to see previous editions; click here to join the SOBs.

Sound of the Baskervilles Board Members

David Haugen President
Kashena Konecki Vice President
Terri Haugen Secretary, Publications Editor
Lauren Messenger Associate Editor
Melinda Michaelson Treasurer
Chris “Bear” Berwald Reference Librarian
Al Nelson Board Member Emeritus
Sondra “Sunny” Even Program Manager
Shannon Wallace Webmaster
Pat McIntosh Sunshine Chair