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The Sound Of The Baskervilles
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SOBs Conduct Scientific Survey of Salacious Sherlockian Fandom!  CLICK HERE
The SOB Team excels once again at the Watson Society Treasure Hunt!!
More information here

The Complete Adventures of Sherlock Holmes Art Contest!!
Jim French Productions will record their 60th story from the Canon ("The Sign of
Four") on September 28, 2015
and are seeking original art for the complete box set!
Click here for more information
Read all about the International Sherlockian Summit of November 21, 2015!
More information here
FROM THE JULY 2016 TWADDLE:   For The July 17th Meeting...                                         (added 7/3/16)
SOB Margie Deck steps in as program chair through year-end, and facilitates discussion on The
Retired Colourman
at our July 17th monthly meeting.  Some discount this tale, yet Watson includes
many of the elements of a great Canonical story. What are the elements, and which can you find?

                                                                                                                                               (added 6/5/16)
Review Of SOBs 2016 Reichenbach Remembered Annual Wreath Throw Event:  
Also as noted in the 2016 Twaddle, to enjoy some pics and info on this event:    CLICK HERE
THE TRIENNIAL SHERLOCK HOLMES CONFERENCE, June 15, 2016:                  (added 7/6/16)              
 The Misadventures of Some SOBS..!                                                                                
  Click Here, to read an informative and delightful review/recap of PFL David and Secretary/Editor Terri's first-
time trip to this event. Full of pictures, comments, notes and info, it just might tantalize you to attend the next
one yourself..!