The Sound of the Baskervilles, a scion society of the Baker Street Irregulars serving the greater Puget
Sound region of western Washington, was christened (literally) on March 31, 1980.   Our first meeting
was held on the Seattle to Bainbridge Island ferry.   Our name derives from a merging of HOUND and
Puget Sound, the body of water along which the major cities of our region lie.
   We have met monthly (2nd Monday of each month) since that date.   
   Each meeting is called to order with a toast, "To Murray, without whom", honoring Watson's orderly
Murray as we believe all is owed to he who carried Watson to safety on a packhorse following the Battle
of Maiwand.  Without Murray, there would be no Watson, and thus no recording of the 56 short cases and 4 long stories we all
follow and enjoy.  Meetings are closed with a recitation of Vincent Starrett's famous poem and salute to 1895.  
   Each meeting is (most frequently) devoted to a single story, featuring discussion and a quiz, most often conducted by the club's
PFL (President For Life), and sometimes a member whose Canonical alter ego appears in that story.  
   Regularly scheduled additional events throughout the year include "The Master's Dinner" celebrating Holmes' birthday (January),
"The   Annual Wreath Throw" commemorating Holmes' loss at Reichenbach Falls (May), "The John H. Watson Picnic" (July), and
"The Will Crakes Memorial Jollification", our annual holiday party  (December).  Other activities include book crawls, teas, plays
and gaming events, and are as announced.
   $20 annual dues ($30 for family memberships) brings our members the monthly newsletter,
Ineffable Twaddle and a copy of
Beaten's Christmas Annual.  Reserves go toward Club memorabilia; for example, at our 20th anniversary we produced a
striking cobalt blue coffee mug carrying our baying hound logo.  
   Ineffable Twaddle is also posted each month to our website, www.soundofthebaskervilles.com.  Envisioned in September and   
established in  November 2001, our website has been a winner of The Deco Website Gold Award, and provides Sherlockians
both near and far with upcoming Club activities, pictures, breaking news, book reviews, sale items, and links to other Sherlockian
sites and research sources, including a Victorian Dictionary/Encyclopoedia, and an 1889 map of London.
   While we are a literary organization drawing members from all walks of life and with varied interests, we are a slightly irreverent
group.  Our abiding credo is to always
have fun. And that we do!!   

                                    We would encourage all visitors to our site to join
The Sound of the Baskervilles!

       To join, fill out and send the form found here:  
              To contact the Club representatives: